Products I Love!

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover
This paint covers with ONE COAT on most surfaces! Fabulous!  Love the Green Apple color, which I used to paint my bamboo chairs.

DAP T.S.P. Substitute
This is great for prepping surfaces for paint.  I've used this on my shed, on furniture, and decor items.  Requires no bleach, so it's less hastle to use than standard TSP.
Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape
I used to think that all masking tape was the same, but no more!  Scotch-Blue Painter's tape creates a beautiful edge with no paint creeping under the tape, and it peels up easily and doesn't take the paint with it!  I used this on my Vintage Window for my Shed Makeover.
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint 
This paint is amazing.  I turned an old Vintage Window into a fabulous vintage-looking mirror for my Shed Makeover.  I have tried Chrome paint in the past...doesn't work at all!

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