Monday, September 10, 2012

New England Shed Makover - Repairing Wood Rot & a New Roof

Nancy's Shed "Before"
My mother-in-law's shed was in disrepair, so she got a quote to refurbish it...for $3,000!  Granted, the shed had wood rot along the bottom where years of snow drifts had saturated the wood and it needed a new roof.  Enter Mr. and Mrs. ShabbyGlam!  We flew to Boston for Labor Day Weekend to give her shed a ShabbyGlam makeover!  Here's what it looked like when we arrived.

Our challenges:

  • Wood-rot around the bottom 
  • Wood rot in the fascia boards at the roof
  • Leaky Roof
  • Faded paint

Wood rot all along the bottom.

Shed "Before" front view
Mr. ShabbyGlam installs new boards
covering existing wood rot.
New boards cover old rot.
First, we gave it a good washing down to get any chipping paint and dirt off the shed. We cut pressure treated boards to fit around the bottom to cover the wood rot.  

We cut off the rotten wood from
from the bottom of the door.
Board replaces rotten wood on the door.

Next we removed the door to address the wood rot at the bottom and added a board to the bottom of it too.  We cut off the bad wood and replaced it with a board to match the boards installed on the shed.  We filled in any missing wood and cracks with wood putty.

We trimmed out the wood at the base of the door
to match the baseboards around the shed.
The fascia boards around the roof were in terrible shape and required replacing.  Mr. ShabbyGlam replaced all those boards with pressure treated wood.  Here's the before/after:
Rotten Fascia Boards and Leaky, Moss-covered Roof
Replaced Fascia Boards
Shingles being laid on the roof
Nancy painstakingly scraped off the moss that was growing over the roof.  After inspecting the roof and finding that the wood was solid and did not need replacing, Mr. ShabbyGlam shingled over the old roof.  Jon also added a drip edge (the white strip in the picture) to protect the new boards from rot.


New England Shed Renovation Complete!
Door knocker we found
antiquing in Essex, MA.
Now that we had addressed all of the repairs, we prepped and painted.  We filled all the holes and cracks with wood putty, then painted the shed door Behr Chianti Red, the Fascia and Trim Behr Linen White, and the walls Benjamin Moore Dartsmouth Green.

We took a break on Sunday from our labors and went antiquing in Essex, MA.  We found the perfect crowning jewel for our new shed door - an iron garden trowel door knocker!

Renovated Shed and Seating Area

Shed "After" through the gate.


  1. this looks amazing! love the colors and the door knocker is a great touch. you are so talented! Kellie

  2. You did a whole lot of work. Good job! I’m sure your mother-in-law is pleased. Anyway, to prevent the roof from developing moss and other dirt elements, remember to implement regular roof maintenance. Constantly checking up on your roof for damage or for maintenance will help in adding more years to its lifespan.

    Lakisha Autin

  3. This is exactly what I am looking for. I am going to do a entire makeover on my shed this summer. I was looking for sheds with similar problems my shed encountered over years from snow, rain, etc. This is perfect! Thanks

  4. Did you wash down with water? Soap? Bleach?
    Did you use a water repellent preservative before painting?
    What kind of primer/paint did you use?

  5. Have printed this out and will use your wonderful ideas! Thanks so much!


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