Thursday, April 19, 2012

My backyard plan goes from my head to paper!

Lunch-time work gang ran errands at lunch, so here's a quick blog post at lunch.

I broke out my house survey and drew out the design for my backyard.  It is certainly not to scale, but it puts on paper the crazy ideas in my head.  Moving clockwise from 11 o'clock, it includes the side yard with a bamboo-shaded walkway and sweet potato vine ground cover, a lime tree, the garden shed, a vintage door trellis, a firepit, a hot tub (searching craigs list for this!), carport-turned pergola (inspiration picture below), patio table made of 2 vintage doors, wall-mounted buffet, bamboo living room furniture, headboard bench (as seen on the blog Confessions of a Curbside Shopaholic), magnolia tree, and new circular driveway with pergola in the current street-side yard.

Please excuse the crude drawing!  I'm obviously no artist with crayons!
The Plan for our Dream Backyard

Pergola Inspiration (from Lowes Home Magazine)


  1. nice.... when you're all done with project and you get bored.....

  2. Wall-mounted buffet?? Love! What that little shed started...


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