Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kitty Outhouse

Cat outhouse sign
So we have two new additions to the family, Marbles & Oreo, our pound rescue cats.  We already had two dogs, Lady & Merlin, so we now officially have a zoo.  We wanted to create an "attractive" covered litter box for our two new babies, and this is what we did.  We assembled a dog house bought at PetSmart, and  I hand painted a sign to make it more special.  The roof lifts off to clean the litter.  What do you think?
Kitty "outhouse", made from a dog house.


  1. That litter box is the cat's meow!! Lucky kitty cats!

  2. Love it!! I was wondering if I could use your kitty outhouse pic for a children's book I am writing. It's number 3 in a series called "Itty Bitty School Bus Kitty Goes To the Fair", A True Story. It would be purr-fect for the page I would use it on. :)


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