Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poker Table Leg Makeover

AFTER - Poker Table with New Legs
My son likes to play poker with his friends, and last year we bought him a vintage wooden poker chip case in an antique store for Christmas.  I picked up an oak octagon poker table from craigs list.  The table is in great shape, but the fold-out legs were a little wobbly.  I had already decided to replace my a faux-mosaic tile table with the new poker table, so -- with a little help from Mr. Shabby Glam -- I stole the fantastic iron legs from that table for my new poker table.  I think it turned out fantastic!  Don't you love the new iron legs on the poker table?

BEFORE - Poker Table from Craig's list.
Folding legs were a little wobbly and seemed out of proportion
to the table top.

This is the table I'm stealing the legs from.
Won't the top of this table make a great outdoor clock or something?
I removed the legs.

The iron base was too large to fit inside the frame, so we
 marked where we needed to cut the metal down to make it fit.

Mr. Shabby Glam (my wonderful hubby) cut down the metal
with a sawzall  saber saw, and now the legs fit perfectly!

I also stole the glass top from my discarded mosaic table.
Poker table with new legs.


  1. Great job on this...looks much better for pulling a chair up to! My grandson-in-law would love this table.

  2. Thanks! My son loves playing poker with his friends at his new table!

  3. That is a nice addition, it just makes that table shine! We put in some stainless steel furniture legs on an old table recently and it gave the piece a completely new life! Friends can barely recognize it


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