Monday, May 21, 2012

Periwinkle Cornflower Swag Wreath with Curly Willow and Raffia (How to)

This weekend, I continued my shed make-over with this whimsical periwinkle swag wreath for the shed door.  I bought the vintage door knob hook and Home Goods, and immediately knew that I wanted to create a loose swag with raffia for my shed door.  Here's the finished product, and the "how to".  This picture also shows a "sneak peak" at the periwinkle boards that Mr. Shabby Glam hung for me, but that's a blog for another day...once I finish filling and painting the screw holes and can post the "finished product". 

Periwinkle Swag Wreath hung on vintage door knob on the shed.

Hot glue additional flowers to fill in "sparce" areas.

Add flowers and leaves to ends of branches.

Begin binding stems together in layers. 
Start with curly willow, then add stems. 
I use waterproof Florist's tape to hold them, then add
hot glue under the tape to hold stems together.

Keep layering stems, taping and gluing
with each new layer.

Once you've taped and glued all your layers
of stems together add hot glue to the front
of the stems,  then wrap rafia around the stems to
cover your glue and tape.  Tie off the raffia
with a knot.

Create a loose Rafia bow with about 15 pieces of rafia.
Slip a wire through the back of the rafia bow. Add glue to secure.
Attach bow to swag with the wire.
Add hot glue to secure.
Periwinkle Swag Wreath with Cornflowers, Curly Willow, and Raffia.

Swag wreath on the shed.


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