Monday, June 4, 2012

Old Birdcage turned New Hanging Planter

I bought this old birdcage a few years ago in an antique shop during a trip to Boston.  I took it out of storage this weekend and decided to make a hanging planter with it.

First, I painted it "Green Apple" with Rustoleum Painter's Touch.  I must tell you -- This is THE BEST spray paint.  It usually only takes one coat when other spray paint takes 2-3 coats.  It is higher priced, but you use less - well worth it!
First, I painted it "Green Apple".
After Spray Paint
Next, I added a Coconut Basket liner to cover the bottom.
Coconut basket liner cut to fit the bottom.
Then I added sphangum moss around the edges to hold in the soil.
I put some soil in the middle, then planted a tall purple butterfly plant in the middle. Around the outside, I planted trailing plants on their side so that they grow through the cage.  Added more sphangum moss on the sides and soil on top.  Then I mulched the top with more sphangum moss, and watered!
Finished Birdhouse, where to hang it?

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