Wednesday, June 6, 2012

T-Shirt Makeover into Tank Top (How To)

Original Shirt: pre-makeover
Once a year I volunteer at a fabulous event called "The Taste of Pinellas", which raises funds to support All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I look forward to this event every year because of the outstanding food from local restaurants and fantastic entertainment (bands have included Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Josh Turner, Joe Nichols, Big & Rich).
What I don't love is the volunteer t-shirts - the art is adorable, but they're "unisex" t-shirts.  Why do they call them "unisex"? They are really just Men's t-shirts that women also wear.  They are boxy and unflattering.  So...every year, I get out my scissors and re-design them!  Every year at the event, both friends and random strangers stop me and ask me how I made my shirt, so I've decided to post a "how to".

Lay your favorite tank top over your tshirt.
Mark the outline of your tank top on the front and back of your tshirt
- this will serve as your pattern for cutting.
 I use a fabric marking pencil because the marks wash out.
Note that the tank top is smaller than the Tshirt under the arms,
so just continue the line that you started to gently slope out to the arm holes (see below).

Cut along the lines that you made from your tank top to form  your new tshirt.
At this point, I always try the shirt on to see if I want to make adjustments to the cut.
Take an old Tshirt (I saved the one from the previous year)
and cut it into strips that are  about 4" long and roughly  3/4" wide.

Begin tying the strips along the straps of your new tank top.
Cut small holes 1/2 " from the edge along the neckline of your tank,
then thread your  fabric strips through each hole and knot. 
Repeat along the arm hole in the front.  Continue this process around the neckline in the back too.  I don't typically do this around the armholes in the back.
Tank top in progress.  The armholes still need to be completed in the front.

Voila!  Cute new tank top from a boxy Men's tshirt!  
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