Friday, June 29, 2012

Jewelry Organizer inside my Armoire

I have more jewelry than I have adequate storage for.  I finally decided to create a storage solution.  I already have an antique armoire in my bedroom.  While all of the shelves are filled with my clothes (which is why you won't see a picture of the inside!), the inside of the armoire doors were a blank slate.  I went to Home Depot and browsed for ideas.  As I rounded the corner of the hardware aisle, I saw these 12" metal sheets, and I thought EUREKA! MAGNETS!  So here's the scoop on how I made a magnetic jewelry organizer inside my armoire.

My Armoire...future jewelry organizer!
First, I drilled holes in the sheet metal.
Next, I drilled a very small hole in the armoire, using the pre-drilled sheet metal as a guide.

I screwed the metal into the cabinet.
Metal installed

Screws are now covered with
 pretty jewel-toned magnets.
I covered the ugly screws with magnets
from Walmart's office supply aisle.

I added hung my jewelry with magnetic bookmarks from Walmart.  I added magnetic metal boxes to store earrings.

I used the existing bar in the armoire to hold longer necklaces and bracelets.
 I repeated the process on the other inside door, so I have twice the storage now!


  1. Oh no you didn't!! This is just too smart. And the display is so pretty!

  2. Well done, what a nice job!
    I have my jewelry hanging on chicken wire inside a frame that I built. They're displayed in my bathroom but I think it looks a little cluttered (maybe there's too much on it?!). I like your idea of using the inside of an armoire. Smart!



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