Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Vase Fountain

Hubs and I have always enjoyed the sound of trickling water, so we decided it was time to add a gurgling water feature to our entryway next to our front deck.  It turned out fabulous, so I want to share with you the steps we took to make it.
Finished DIY Vase Fountain

Great vase - from a local nursery.
We bought this beautiful vase from a local nursery.  Hubs drilled the hole in the bottom of the vase for the hose connecting to the pump.

Hubs drilled this hole in the vase,
and we fed the pump tube through.

Here's the pump tube on the inside of the vase.
Next, we cut an old trashcan down to around 1 1/2 feet tall to use as the water reservoir.  We burried the trash can so that the rim was ground level and added cement blocks up to the rim.  We attached the pump to the vase, then placed the pump in the reservoir.

Burried a trash can, then added cement blocks up to the rim.

Product info on the pump. (purchased at Home Depot)

Connected pump to the vase
Added a sheet of mesh netting over the cement blocks.

Mesh netting over cement blocks.
We added a sheet of mesh netting over the cement blocks, then placed the vase on top.  We ran the pump hose through the mesh netting, added water, and plugged it in!  We covered the edge of the netting with a ring of flagstones and added black Mexican river pebbles to cover the netting.

The pump hose runs through the mesh netting

Added water to the fountain and plugged it in!
Added decorative flagstones to cover
the edge of the mesh netting.

Added black Mexican river rocks to cover the mesh netting.
Here's our finished gurgling Vase Fountain!
Watch the video, and turn up the sound to hear the beautiful bubbling water!  All there is left to do is mulch!

We now enjoy the peaceful gurgling of our new vase fountain as we sip Iced Tea on our front deck.


  1. Wow, Melodye! I'm loving the fountain! It looks like something even a non-DIY-er could take on! i'll let you know how I do....
    Amy A

  2. Thanks, Amy. If you create a fountain, be sure to let me know. I'd love to hear how it goes!

  3. Is the vase FULL of water, or did you do something inside it to minimize the water?


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