Sunday, July 8, 2012

Painted Wind Chime

I found this simple green wind chime at Home Goods on clearance.  It has a beautiful ring to it, but was way too boring for me.

Wind Chime  "Before"
Wind Chime  "After"
I masked off the body of the chime and sprayed the top and bottom Green Apple.  Next, I stenciled a vine pattern around the top in light blue and repeated the stencil on the chime weight.  I outlined the stenciled vine in lime green to give it definition.

Wrapped the body of the chime to prep for spray paint.
Spray painted the top and bottom border Green Apple.
Stenciled a vine pattern around the top, and on the chime weight.

Outlined the blue stenciled vine in green.

I masked off stripes and painted them two-toned blue-green, then removed the tape and painted a thin blue lne on the top and bottom to accentuate the stripe design.

Masked off stripes, then painted two-tone blue and green stripes.

Added a thin blue line to accentuate the stripes and
 also outlined the chime weight in  a blue line.

Completed wind chime in my garden next to my shed.

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